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Tattoo Tuesday – 7th July 2015

It’s that time of week again! This edition of Tattoo Tuesday brings a fabulous artist by the name of Tomas Garcia


With a continuous array of colourful pieces on his Instagram @tomas_garcia, be sure to go and follow him to brighten up your feed!

Tattoo Tuesday – 9th June 2015

This week’s edition features the work of Northern tattooist Max Amos from The Inkwell Tattoo Studio in Birkenhead. 


I absolutely love the owl and all the gorgeous line work! Be sure to go and follow @maxamos on Instagram and check out more of his work!

Tattoo Tuesday – 2nd June 2015

Today I get to share with you the gorgeous work of Charlotte Ross Tattoos. I saw her work at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention and was amazed at the gorgeous water colour feel to her art she has. The rabbit below was tattooed at the convention and I absolutely love it! 


Isn’t it gorgeous?!! Be sure go and follow Charlotte Ross Tattoos on Instagram to see more of her work!

TATTOO TUESDAY – 9th December 2014

Today I get to share with you a beautiful tattoo that was a joint effort of two of my favourite female German artists – Dea Vectorink and Annie Frenzel.


“Today my friend Dea Vectorink and I did a collaboration on the lovely Sunny Sajah. This is how we worked it: I drew the girl, Dea drew the sloth. Then I added an outfit and tattoos to the sloth and she added details to the lady. When we started tattooing we decided that Dea would tattoo my lady and I would tattoo her sloth. Just so we both would get to try out something new. Here is the outcome..”


How amazing is the outcome? Be sure to leave both Annie & Dea some love. Annie has recently joined Dea at The Rusty Anchor tattoo studio for new clients! Be sure to contact them for some great projects!