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Planning Your Engagement Photography – Common Mistakes & How To Overcome Them

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Today on Marry Me Ink, I had the chance to speak to Paula of Soft Elegance Photography and her tips and advice when planning your engagement or pre-wedding shoot.

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16 common mistakes and tips to overcome those mistakes for your Engagement Photography

1. Location
Sometimes, a shy client may choose a location that is swarming with people, which only amplifies their shyness and tension during shoots. Be sure to research the best times to visit a location! But, let’s be honest, the more comfortable you feel, the more natural and honest your captured expressions will be.

2. Time of Day
Photo sessions which occur outdoors, in the middle of high noon, while the sun is at its brightest with no shade available is a disaster waiting to happen.

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3. Select your wardrobe
Oh my gosh! How many morning have you stood in front of your abundantly full closet and said, “What am I going to wear!?” Here are some tips: – Select a color palette with one to two colors and add neutrals. In selecting your colors, feel free to pick different shades within that palette. This will allow a more balanced image.

4. Solid colors are preferred over patterns
Why? Because patterns take the attention away from the subject (that’s you) and draw the eye to the patterned clothing. Also, many patterns are extremely overwhelming. I’m not saying don’t do it, but be selective.

5. Do not wear the same outfits or colors
For example: you and your honey shouldn’t show up in blue jeans and a white shirt. Attempt to counterbalance each other.

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Trends For Wedding Planning From Zankyou – Part 1

Marry Me Ink has teamed up with Zankyou, the ultimate online wedding gift list, to bring you the top trends to help you plan your perfect wedding day! This week’s edition brings you the most popular ways that brides have planned their big day from the choice of location to how much time they’ve given themselves for planning.

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Pretty Pins – Friday 19th December 2014

This recent edition of Pretty Pins from the world of Pinterest are all my favourite wedding favour ideas for your season wedding. It includes lots of great winter warmers!


~ Candy Canes ~ Hot Cocoa Mix ~ Festive Gift Boxes ~ Candy Sleighs ~ Tree Decoration Seat Names ~
~ Festive Vodkas ~

Fun Facts From Simply Bridal – Something Old

Today, Simply Bridal have brought to you a great way to bring in tradition into your wedding.

Something Old

I love all of these ideas – especially using the lace on your Mum’s own wedding dress. What will you be using as your something old on your wedding day?