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A Colourful And Nature Filled Wedding In Milwaukee – Chrissy & Jesse

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Today I get to share with you a favourite wedding of mine from Wisconsin wedding photographer Megan Yanz Photography. Megan sent me Chrissy & Jesse’s wedding and I wanted it to be the first of 2015 due to it being so awesome! Chrissy’s tattoos look gorgeous and she did her hair and make-up herself. I love her hairpiece!

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We met in our church youth group when we were both in middle school, and we became close friends in early high school. However, we didn’t start dating until the summer after I graduated from high school and Jesse finished his first year of college. We were on a church trip in a tiny town called Axtel, Nebraska, and Jesse’s sister, Kelly, was my roommate. She told me that Jesse had a crush on me, but he was never going to do anything about it. So one night, I just kissed him. Two days later he asked me to be his girlfriend when I came to visit him at work. The rest is history.

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It was incredible and so, so special to have so many of our friends and family with us on our big day. Plus, my little brother, Cody, gave a hilarious one word speech. He stood up, buttoned a button on his tux, fixed his collar, and then just said, “Hodor” into the microphone (Game of Thrones fans will get this reference). It was so funny, and I will never forget it. 

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Love Letters – Woodland Dreams and Camp Fires

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Today I get to share with you Jenny and Al’s engagement shoot from Wisconsin photographer Megan Yanz. The shoot took place at Jenny’s cabin which is where their wedding will be next year.

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Al was friends with my older brother in high school, but he and I didn’t become friends until after high school.  We stayed friends for a couple of years and then decided to live together as roommates in our early twenties.  After six months of living together, we “fell in love.”  But, as all beautiful romances go, life kept getting in the way of our relationship.  We dated on-and-off all through our twenties, until three years ago we decided that we couldn’t live without each other anymore.  It’s been great ever since.  Now we have a dog, a condo and a wedding to plan!

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Al proposed while we were making lunch together at home on a Sunday.  He got down on one knee and pulled my ring out of his pocket.  He held my hand and said, “Will you continue to be my best friend, always laugh with me, and love me for the rest of my life?” I said yes, of course, and then he sat me down and said he had another surprise planned for me that day.  He had asked our tattoo artist to come in (on her day off, just for us) and give us our couples tattoo that we had talked about months prior.  So, we finished eating lunch and spent the next 6 hours at the tattoo shop. I said, “Wow!  Way to spring two life-long commitments on me in one day!” My adrenaline had never been so high for so long.  Once our awesome tattoos were finished, we got carry-out from our favourite restaurant in town, went home and bounced wedding ideas off each other over a bottle of wine.

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