Rock The Night Away – Samy & Stephen’s Wedding

photosbyzoe-23You might remember Samy & Stephen’s engagement shoot back in January LAST YEAR!! See the full feature here. WELL.. The wonderful Photos By Zoe sent me through their wedding, and I’ve been teasing you about it on Facebook!photosbyzoe-41Samy & Stephen met through mutual friends on separate nights out.

“It was love at first sight and we’ve been together ever since.”

photosbyzoe-62“From the 1950’s bridesmaid dresses, to the rock DJ, the day was full of small details that were not “traditional”. Our invitations were full of skulls and roses and our first dance was “Guns and Roses – Think about you” We laughed from the ceremony all the way to the end of the night. It was great fun!”

photosbyzoe-81“The best parts of our wedding were the vows! They were funny and represented exactly how we feel about each other! It was lovely and special. And when the DJ played Clutch and Korn for us. It was great to have a good dance at the wedding!”photosbyzoe-101

photosbyzoe-130“I wanted a dress that would show my back and shoulder piece. I had my dress customised to make it a halterneck, my boobs are too big to go unsupported!”

photosbyzoe-58Thank you to Photos By Zoe , Zoe Campbell Photography for amazingly second shooting and to Samy & Stephen for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink! Be sure to leave some love!photosbyzoe-13 photosbyzoe-3 photosbyzoe-7 photosbyzoe-9photosbyzoe-15photosbyzoe-20photosbyzoe-21photosbyzoe-22photosbyzoe-25photosbyzoe-26photosbyzoe-27photosbyzoe-32photosbyzoe-33 photosbyzoe-39 photosbyzoe-44 photosbyzoe-46photosbyzoe-50 photosbyzoe-37photosbyzoe-51 photosbyzoe-47photosbyzoe-64 photosbyzoe-61 photosbyzoe-60 photosbyzoe-54 photosbyzoe-43photosbyzoe-69 photosbyzoe-70photosbyzoe-79 photosbyzoe-77 photosbyzoe-78photosbyzoe-100 photosbyzoe-93photosbyzoe-92photosbyzoe-113 photosbyzoe-105photosbyzoe-119 photosbyzoe-118photosbyzoe-124 photosbyzoe-128 photosbyzoe-129 photosbyzoe-136

12 responses to “Rock The Night Away – Samy & Stephen’s Wedding

  1. These pictures are so beautiful. It looks like a truly personalised wedding and that is by far the best bouquet I have ever seen..

  2. OOH Samy & Stephen – it was SUCH a flipping laugh, but also really intimate and special – one of my highlights ( there were many!) was hearing those lovely vows you said to each other – and seeing your family and friends pass around that hug – it were lovely it were 🙂 xxxxx

    Huge congratulations to you both. Much love, Zoe xxx

  3. LOVE this wedding. They are such a super cute couple!

    Super job Zoe!

  4. Awww they look like they had a bloody splendid day – love those cake toppers too – and men in kilts, what’s not to love? Awesome work Zoe.

  5. So. Much. Awesome. Those dudes are rocking and so are your shots, Zoe! xx

  6. \m/
    What a gorgeous wedding! Looked liked so much fun and perfectly captured by Zoe!

  7. TURQUOISE FIX – check. 🙂 Lush… wow what a wedding, it looks like so much fun, you’ve captured it perfectly Zoe. Love it! xx

  8. I Love Zoes work and this couple look like they had a ball!

  9. What an incredibly cute couple, they look so loved up! You’ve captured their day perfectly Zoe. I LOVE that bouquet! Love it xx

  10. Wendy Grant Photography

    What a great couple and amazing photos from Zoe as always! Just love that bouquet x

  11. this is what weddings should be about much love and laughter …each moment beautifully captured by Zoe love it x

  12. Ah looks like it was a fab wedding!! Great captures Zoe!!