ACCESSORIES AHOY! Beautiful Brooch Bouquets

For those who have been around for quite some time, would have noticed that there have been very few Accessories Ahoy posts recently. As of today, this will stop!

Today, Accessories Ahoy will be relaunched!

That’s right, not only is it being relaunched, a lovely lady and a dear friend of mine, Rebekah, will be taking the Accessory Ahoy! posts over as of today. Rebekah is also the lady behind this wonderful blog which is full of daily jewellery inspiration. Be sure to check it all out!  
Let’s now hand over to Rebekah!

I felt very inspired when I looked at all the beautiful pictures from Samy & Stephen’s wedding. The reception photographs made me wish I had been invited. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. One thing really caught my eye though. Her stunning brooch bouquet.

photosbyzoe-3Credit: Photos By Zoe

Having wedding flowers isn’t what every girl dreams of. For my wedding, we went to Mauritius and they provided me with fresh orchids. While the orchids felt appropriate, I would have preferred peacock feathers wrapped in jewellery to be honest. (It may well have been an excuse to buy myself more necklaces!) If I had come across the brooch bouquet idea then I would have jumped at the chance. The idea of searching out the treasures and incorporating family brooches is perfect to me. It seems much more meaningful to me. I also love the fact that it can be vastly different and really reflect the brides style.

They can be bright and colourful:

Bright and colourful brooch bouquetSource

Classic and vintage:

Vintage inspired brooch bouquetSource

There are so many ideas. You can even have it dripping in necklaces as I would have. Here they added a sophisticated feel with the pearls:

Pearl necklace brooch bouquetSource

Could I get away with having one for the school run? Probably not. If you are looking for something unique to you then let your creative mind run free and make one. Here is a link to a post giving you step by step instructions.

How to make your own brooch bouquetSource

If I get to renew my vows (hint hint) I will be sporting one of these lovelies!

How fabulous is Rebekah? Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram and join in with the monthly challenges!

One response to “ACCESSORIES AHOY! Beautiful Brooch Bouquets

  1. Thank you for sharing our cascading brooch bouquet! Not easy to make, but if you want to DIY, our suggestions are: never use styrofoam, and always wire instead of glue. – W