Recruiting Now – Marry Me Ink’s 2015 Blogging Bride!

TattooedWeddingPhotographerYaritzaColon-1020Sarah & Dana – Yaritza Colòn Photography

The start of 2015 can only mean one thing – Marry Me Ink is on the search for a new blogging bride! You may remember last year’s bride Amanda and her antics and also Swamps. There was also Red.

Rustic barn Wedding by Toast PhotographyAnna & Sarah – Toast Of Leeds

As Marry Me Ink’s blogging bride, you’ll be posting monthly about the fun (and not-so-fun) details of planning your wedding.

MMI_1726Kristen & Derek – Sarah Culver Photography

The readers look forward to the monthly instalments of the bridal diaries – especially when it comes to sharing your engagement story and how you chose “THE” dress.

www.crystalstokesphotography.comAndee & Daniel – Crystal Stokes Photography

So!.. What are you waiting for? All I need from you are the following:
~A PICTURE of you & your other half (with your tattoos too).
~WHEN you’re getting married (Ideally after August 2015).
~WHERE you are getting married.
~DESCRIBE your upcoming wedding in TEN words or less plus links to your Pinterest boards!
~Tell me WHO you’ve got photographing your wedding (If chosen yet).
~Tell me WHAT makes you a Marry Me Ink bride!

Send all of this to
You have until Friday 6th March (Just THREE weeks) to send everything over when I’ll then upload your photo & ten word description to the Marry Me Ink Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram page and the most favourited and liked will be Marry Me Ink’s 2015 blogging bride! It’s easy! Get sending – I can’t wait to see all your faces!

jenny_eric_wedding_0579Jenny & Eric – Diamond Eyes Photography

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