2014.12: AH & RB – e-Shoot

These shots are from an e-shoot for Andrea and Rob. As they are both fans of the fashion and style of 1960s England (as you can see from their amazing outfits) I wanted to try as much as possible to give their e-shoot that kind of feel. I think we achieved that with these photographs.

In addition to my digital shots, as a bit of a surprise for Andrea and Rob, I also took along a Yashica 635 twin-lens reflex camera. It’s a style of film camera similar to that which would have been used by a lot of people in the 1960s and, when loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus (the modern equivalent of a popular 1960s film), I managed to produce something a little bit extra special for them both.

Feel free to Tag, Like and Share these photographs using the built-in functions but please don’t download and use them elsewhere without asking first.

Photographs from this e-Shoot can be found on my proofing site; http://proofs.wtf4photography.com/AndreaAndRobWedding2015

If you have a tablet or smart phone you can download an app for the e-Shoot; http://proofs.wtf4photography.com/app/92290

More of my work can also be found here; http://www.wtf4photography.com

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