Candy Coloured Sweetness & Smoke Bombs


When Lexi of Fleming Photography and Rockabetty Studios emailed me with the title “Smoke Bombs Ahoy!” I knew I was in for something amazing! Lexi teamed up with the wonderful Louise of Oh My Honey to create a cute but punked-out bridal shoot with real-life couple Seye and Lucy.


When Louise from Oh My Honey and I both emailed each other the same day asking to collaborate on a styled shoot, I knew the outcome was going to be special! Louise and I met years ago when she first launched her bridal range and I worked with her with my studio company Rockabetty Studios. I am absolutely in love with Oh My Honey dresses and jump at the chance to work with Louise any day of the week! We wanted to vamp up her pretty 50s bridal dresses and that’s where Lucy and Seye from South East London stepped in!


I love alternative, non-traditional couples who are up for a real laugh on their wedding day, so when Seye and Lucy came forward to be our real couple for the shoot, I was so excited! There is nothing easier than photographing real couples in love. You could not only see the love, but the immense fun they both have with each other. Lucy has an incredible amount of work for a number of amazing London tattoo artists and Seye himself has collected pieces from all round the World too. Lucy looked amazing in Louise’s dresses and shows that alternative brides look wicked awesome too!

Smoke bombs was one of the first things I said when we knew we were going to be together a collaboration shoot and lucky for me, everyone was on board! I had never worked with them before, but Seye and Lucy were well up for some unpredictable fun.


I managed to get my superb hair and make-up artist Emma Feely to join in the fun and went for a really soft, messy curl on Lucy with quite dramatic, smoke eyes and dark lips. We wanted to capture Lucy’s natural beauty but vamp up the overall look. Jo Simner provided some incredible flowers for the shoot and went with a real vintage theme with babies breath and red roses. We decided to use Keston Ponds in Kent as our location for the shoot as it was incredible quite on that Sunday and we wanted some pretty woodland backdrops.  Lucy and Seye just laughed for the majority of the shoot and any given chance kept capturing selfies which is one of my favourite things to get on camera.


Couples that selfie together, stay together!



Shooting Lucy and Seye felt so much like taking a couples official portraits on the day of their wedding that it was an incredible easy photo-shoot. Lucy was so excited to be wearing bridal dresses and Seye wanted to play with the smoke bombs. We hardly posed them both and I really let them be comfortable in front of the camera. They were up for anything we asked and made rock n roll look very easy! 


Overall, we are so excited to share the final images with people and I’ve already been asked to use smoke bombs on 2 other wedding’s official portraits!


Ahhhh! How awesome is the shoot? I love, love love, LOVE it!! I love it when couples get really into the shoot and the smoke bombs are just uber-cool! There’s a full list of suppliers at the bottom of the post, be sure to leave them some love!

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Photography: Lexi from Fleming Photo
Dresses: Oh My Honey
Belt and headpieces: Crown and Glory
Petticoats: Petticoats~A~Plenty

Hair & Make-up: Emma Feely
Flowers: J.S Flower Company
Shoes: Agnes and Norman
Models: Seye (Pronounced Cher!!) and Lucy

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  1. Nice photos! the smoke shots look mint!

  2. What a fab, fun photo shoot. Just love it.