Fruitbat Textiles – Bridal Headpiece Collection


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to introduce you to Charlotte of Fruitbat Textiles – Fashion accessories that now have a bridal collection. The pieces are gorgeous and will look great for the tattooed bride going for a vintage feel!


My name is Charlotte, and my business is Fruitbat Textiles. I recently graduated from UCA Farnham where I specialised in woven textiles. While I studied I worked as a milliners assistant, this really sparked a passion in me for fashion accessories, and the combination of skills I have learned have made for a really unique business. I have always had love of textiles, and quirky/alternative fashion so my business is a really exciting way to share that love with others!


More often than not I am inspired by my home county of Somerset and its beautiful countryside, especially in my dying and weaving. This particular collection was inspired by a selection of Irregular Choice bridal shoes – I absolutely adore their designs! I love the combinations of textures through different materials and mixing patterns, and most of all the quirky twist on traditional styles and fabrics. This is what I tried to echo in my headwear collection.


I love nothing more than showing my tattoos off when I can, and I love seeing brides that are the same. I love a 1950’s style tea length dress made really funky with shoes and hats! – again, a quirky twist on traditional styles!

My favourite brides are the ones that aren’t afraid to be a bit different! They know the day is all about them, and they are more than willing to make the most of it! These are the sort of brides that really spark excitement for me, and give me ideas that I can really run with! That being said, it can also be nice to work with someone who has a confident, quirky person inside them but isn’t as confident can also make for some really interesting pieces!


I love the Fruitbat Textiles headpieces! They really stand out and would be perfect for the quirky bride! Be sure to go at like the Fruitbat Textiles Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram too!

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