The Urban Tel-Aviv Bride

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to bring you a cool shoot from Lior Rotstein Photography. As well as the cute simplistic tattoos, we have some gorgeous dresses from Lee Kodo – The perfect dresses for urban bride.

‘Urban Bride’ is already a holistic concept in the wedding-world.. We gave our own interpretation to the urban bride. A bride who dares to wear a dress which is not necessarily the romantic-springy-flowery one.

The makeup by Ruth Toledo, we wanted to be subtle but present, skin-tone work is minimal, moisture-cream blended with a light makeup, light powdering, and winter toned lips (we used rich red, plum, bordeaux colours). The hair is styled in a light fashion (“I just woke up like this”). All of that comes with a photographic documentation. We gave a few ‘look’-proposals, with mixing varieties of styles – 20’s with a masculine jeans jacket that we found in our closet, metal blue stiletto heels.

The location was also chosen to depict the urban bride – Full of street spirit and of course the obvious choice was to shoot at Florentine neighbourhood in Tel-Aviv; One of the most urban and colourful neighbourhoods you could find in Tel-Aviv. A neighbourhood that has so much of so many; graffiti, pubs, new houses next to old ones, religion besides secularism, colour next to industrialisation, wealth and poverty, the young and the elder… and many more contrasts that live together peacefully.

Our model Tom was carefully chosen in advance. The three of us wanted her to present our concept. Tom is  a bit of a student, a bit ‘Telavivian’, a bit hipster, a bit of a woman, and bit of none of those! Tom is a canvas – a person who needs no additions, since it seems that whatever you add… will only subtract. It is challenging to work a dress-bride-makeup-hair concept with a person like Tom, it is definitely a challenge. Not much need for makeup, for hair styling, dresses… all of those must serve Tom. We just tried to fit ourselves to the person in front of us, like in our daily routine.

How beautiful are these Lee Kodo dresses?!! They’d be perfect for the boho and ethereal bride as well as the urban bride – I love them! Thank you to Lior Rotstein for sharing this urban shoot with Marry Me Ink today.

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