Behind The Ink

Welcome to the world of non-generic weddings!

Marry Me Ink is dedicated to one simple premise… that you can actually be YOU on your wedding day.
For anyone who’s ever been asked “What will you look like in a wedding dress with all of those tattoos?!” I am here to provide you with the answer: utterly fabulous!

Rachael Urquhart, The Couture Co, Custard Factory March 2014 - Jay Emme PhotographyJay Emme Photography

From real-life brides, to inspirational shoots from photographers and of the suppliers of the wedding trade, Marry Me Ink is here to help you show off your tattooed self, especially on your big day!

My name is Rachael – proud owner of Marry Me Ink! Do no hesitate to contact me if you wish to ask any questions or would like any of your work featured on the blog.. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

To learn a bit more about me, here is a little re-formatted exert from an interview I had with Jaye Cole of Tux & Tales Photography back when the site launched in October 2011:

Being a heavily tattooed lady myself, people would constantly ask me “And what are you going to do when you get married?” and “How will they look against a wedding dress?”. With that in mind, & with some help from friends all round, I created what you see now – Marry Me Ink. A wedding blog dedicated to the tattooed bride.

My inspirations personally and for the site include vintage styles and glamourous icons – Dita Von Teese being my favourite. My favourite eras are the 1920s and the 1940s for their hairstyles, dresses and gorgeous pin-ups. I love the people I get to meet when I’m in the tattoo chair! My tattooist knows some cool people who love to show of their bold ink as much as myself! I never wear long sleeves if I can help it! I am loving getting to know people and businesses within the industry who admire and strive to pulicise the individuality of others.

With the blog posts you will see appearing on the site, I am aiming to draw attention to real life tattooed brides -to show the  bride-to-be that they can look fantastic inked in a dress!

Please leave your thoughts and comments for the lovely photographers that I get to feature on the site!

Thank you kindly…

2 responses to “Behind The Ink

  1. Hello!
    Absolutely LOVE what your all about!! I’ve just launched a wedding planning company that will focus on the tattooed couples as well. I want to be known as “The Tattooed Planner”! I’ll be looking forward to following you and sharing your work!

  2. Hi Rachael,

    This blog is awesome!

    I’ve recently started my own wedding and event planning business, and as a lover of tattoos and showing them off in their best light I’m really hoping to attract clients who want to celebrate their amazing tattoos on their big day & prove to the world tattooed women can rock a wedding dress with the best of them.
    Congratulations on your fantastic blog!

    Hayley. x

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