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If I Could Give You The Moon – Eclectic Eccentricity

This is one super cool necklace that I get to share with you today from Eclectic Eccentricity (Also known as EE) – A limited edition, exclusive necklace that features REAL MOON DUST!

EE moon

Established in 2004 by a girl with a passion, Lucy Crick, EE did not grow overnight; but from its humble beginnings on Lucy’s living room table it’s now grown into a small Empire of loyal customers, celebrity fans and worldwide stockists. This is a very special product launch for the company as Lucy is a former Maths and Astronomy degree student, who has been a dedicated star gazer since she was a little girl.

The design team have created a limited edition new necklace that includes real moon dust, taken from a lunar meteorite which fell to earth in 2005. If I Could Give You the Moon has landed!

Lunar meteorites are very rare, only around 180 examples have ever been discovered. By comparing the chemical composition of these meteorites with samples collected from the Moon (yes the real moon!) by NASA during the Apollo missions, the origin of these rocks can be confirmed as Lunar.

moon necklace 2

“An extra special gift or purchase for the stargazers, science fans or simply those who love objects of wonder, only 100 have been made.”

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Yield Design Co – The Endswell Collection


The Endswell Collection was born out of a desire to create memorable pieces that are meaningful because of their story, strong symbolism and high craft—not excessive adornment.”

Today I bring you a selection of stunning jewellery from Yield Design Co which is perfect for dainty fingers!


“Endswell blends traditional craft, modern technology and progressive values.”

We 3d print all the designs in wax before hand casting them in solid gold.” Explains Rachel of Endswell, “A nice blend of new and old technologies.

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Introducing Talila Designs – Unconventional Bridal Jewellery

TalilaDesign Turquoise-

Today I get the chance to introduce you to a fantastic bridal range from Talila Designs.

Talila Designs offers vintage-inspired colourful jewellery, perfect for the unique bride.

Talila-Bridal Belt

Creations are inspired by vintage glamour, including romantic jewellery for special occasions and modern classics for everyday. High quality pieces made using Swarovski crystals, pearls, gemstones and components of all types of finishes. Everything from vintage styles to modern classics.

Talila-Green Earrings

Not only that but Talila Designs also provide FREE international shipping on all orders in her Etsy shop!

TalilaDesign choker

My name is Talila Korolker,

Ever since I was a little girl, I had passion for everything related to Weddings. But not to the ordinary weddings, but the unconventional ones.. I have always dreamed about the dress, but not necessarily on the white one.. I have also dreamed about the cake, bit also on the red blood like frosting.. I dreamed about the different jewelleries, but not so much about pearls.. But I haven’t applied those at my wedding..  Today, when I think back, I would do it all different. This is why I’m here to help and give guidance, inspiration and examples of a great unconventional wedding..

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Top Engagement Rings Of 2013

Today, especially as 2013 is slowly coming to a cold and windy close, I thought I would share this infographic from Simply Bridal on the top 10 engagement rings of 2013.


I personally am a massive fan of number 3 – the oval cut. Below is also a list of my five favourite engagement rings from a beautiful online custom jeweller Rare Earth who can be found here on Etsy. Their gorgeous rings are made-to-order and can be purchased in any golds – yellow, white or rose, and also in palladium and platinum, (I love their rose gold rings!) and also sets so you have the perfect match your engagement ring! Below are my favourites. 


14K Rose Gold Green Amethyst Ring – £517.25
14K Orange Sapphire Ring  – £637.49
14K Vintage amethyst Art Nouveau Engagement Ring – $572.99
14K Blue Sapphire Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – £2,545.56
14K Pear Morganite Rose Gold Ring – £701.36

Which is your favourite Rare Earth ring?