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A Radiant & Artistic Pennsylvanian Wedding, Complete With A Hand-Embroidered Gown – Nicole & James

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Nicole and James’ outdoor wedding that took place at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center in Pennsylvania earlier this year with gorgeous photos from Savita Sittler. Practically everything was DIY.. Nicole purchased her dress off Etsy and then James’ sister hand-embroidered all the cuteness on it, including gnomes and flowers.

We met each other working at a library in college, where James was studying English and Philosophy and I was studying Geography. We shared a desk shift on Thursday nights and connected over music and art, both of which remain a big part of our lives and relationship.

Our personalities definitely shined through many aspects of the wedding. The ceremony was performed by two of our sisters, not only because we love them dearly but also because we wanted a matriarchal presence. Writing our own vows and walking down the aisle together allowed us to embrace each other as equals in our marriage as opposed to some of the traditional symbolism of marriage. James’ brother played a song that James wrote for me as we walked down the aisle, and we made a playlist for before and after the band of songs that we both love and make us think of each other.

Nearly everything was DIY. I love maps, so I used old topographic maps to make pennant banners. A handful of family members made nearly all the food. Though I ordered my dress on Etsy from Pure Linen Dresses by Azulsol, James’ sister spent hours embroidering it with ferns, flowers, gnomes, a moon, and other small symbols that I love. She also did my hair, and another sister did my makeup. I made the invitations, a friend did all of the flower arrangements, and we had a crew of about 30 family members and friends helping to set everything up and decorate. We even had one of our friends, who happens to have been a brewer at a restaurant we both worked at, brew a keg of James’ favourite beer. There were so many other great DIY elements that went into our wedding day, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite!

Since we decided to walk down the aisle together, we ended up doing a ‘first look’ right before the ceremony started. It was the only part of the day where we were truly able to relax and enjoy each other’s company without being bombarded by guests. We were pretty nervous up to that point, but having an intimate moment together before the ceremony was really comforting.

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A Relaxed Back Garden Wedding With A Claire Pettibone Dress – Bobbie & Jesse


Today on Marry Me Ink, tattooed bride Bobbie wore a gorgeous Claire Pettibone wedding dress when she married Jesse in their back garden which helped with the relaxed feel they wanted for their day. Their back garden wedding is gorgeously captured by Elevate Photography.


It was basically a friend of a friend of a friend that wanted us two to meet. We met as a group at the park and Jesse brought one of his dogs that was pretty impressive catching the frisbee. Jesse’s Friend didn’t get the memo that I was there to meet Jesse and not him though, he kept trying to touch my tattoos and made the entire day so awkward!


It was a laid back but well kept evening, the pizza food truck and games everywhere represented the relaxed personalities but the fine liquor we had also gave the “we like the better things in life” impression!

I was so worried about people not letting loose but the DJ was so good that everyone was on the dance floor (the open bar helped as well!).. Seeing such a wide array of people bonding on the dance floor made me so happy.

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A Wild Wedding Party At SmART Space – Michelle & Jon


Today’s tattooed wedding on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Michelle and Jon’s wedding that took place at the quirky SmART Space, 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of their wedding was DIY and was captured beautifully by Retro Peacock Photography.  (Also, I’m in love with Michelle’s Simply Beaux Jewels necklace – They’re UK based!)


Jon and I met in middle school. A friend of his at the time invited my friend and me to sit with them at lunch (she and I usually sat alone), so we sat with them (a group of rowdy punk rock boys). Jon and I didn’t actually talk at all during lunch; we sat across the table from each other. However, at the end of lunch, I got up and walked by him to leave, he stopped me and asked me about my outfit: “don’t you wear that every other day?” I was used to my peers heckling me and being the smartass that I was, I replied with “yeah I do, I like this outfit and I don’t give a F what you think”. I walked away before he could respond. The next day at school, he pulled me aside, told me he respected my response from the day before and then he asked me to walk home with him. I was intrigued and it was too cute to resist, so I did. We ended up talking and walking around the woods near his house until it got dark outside and the rest is history.


Our wedding cake design, lined in leopard print ribbon and our cake topper, actually hand made by one of the bridesmaids, were silhouettes of a cat and a fox touching noses. This was significant because he and I are both wild at heart and animal lovers, so we chose our favorite animals because it was something non-traditional and different. We actually cut our cake with his family saber. His family has a long-standing tradition with attending Culver Military Academy and everyone who has attended, has their name engraved on the saber. We thought it would be a cool way to make me officially a member of the family, to wield the saber, because if/when we have children, they will go to Culver as well.

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A Brighton, Fabrica Wedding With A Bride In Gold – Alex & Robin

Alex & Robin, Brighton

I love it when a bride wears a coloured dress. That’s exactly what tattooed bride Alex did when she married Robin at Fabrica in Brighton and her gold dress looks gorgeous (which was purchased on eBay – Amazing!). With killer shots from Jay Emme Photography, I can’t wait to share their day with you!

Alex & Robin, Brighton

All the way back in August 2011 after the London riots, myself and a friend put together a little fundraising picnic in the middle of Brighton to help the community clean up efforts. Although Brighton wasn’t affected, we both had a lot of friends who were living in the midst of it all and wanted to help in a small way. We put a call out on Twitter and, among others, Robin turned up; we were both attached at the time but there was definitely an attraction with hindsight. He used to be in a sketch show which involved him dressing up as a pink bear, so I said to him “You’re the pink bear!” and he, rather embarrassedly, nodded and we didn’t really speak again that day so I thought he thought I was an idiot. Turned out later he thought I’d thought the same.

Alex & Robin, Brighton

A little over 6 months later, he invited me to his house for dinner and we hit it off immediately. We became inseparable after about 2 weeks and then in July 2012 he proposed. We’re both big Batman fans and he got up before a packed, opening weekend showing of the Dark Knight Rises at our favourite cinema in Brighton and proposed – when he got up and picked up a microphone, I said “WTF are you doing??”. I said yes, obviously!

Alex & Robin, Brighton

The highlight of our day was probably finally getting to speak to each other after the ceremony was over. We were both a bit giddy and hadn’t spoken properly for nearly two days so we were just gibbering about how weirdly fast everything had gone and how much we were both dying for a drink!

Also being able so see so many great pals who had travelled from all over to see us was really special. It was important to us that it wasn’t at all formal and we could just relax with friends and enjoy ourselves.

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