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Manchester Urban Power Station Shoot – Nik Bryant Photography

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Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you this awesome urban bridal shoot, filled with graffiti and smoke bombs, from Nik Bryant Photography. The gorgeous bride in question is actually Nik’s wife and she looks awesome in her wedding dress!

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I have been shooting weddings for roughly 3 years now and the ones that I fall in love with more than the others are the ones with a bit of a twist or an alternative touch.

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The location used was an old abandoned power station in the North West of England. Its a location I have used for shoots for bands and things loads and have always wanted to do a bridal shoot with a bit of a twist and this was the perfect location. My wife Laura has been to the power station with me several times to assist on shoots and had always said we should shoot a rock the frock/trash the dress shoot here and I was more than happy to oblige.

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At the time of the shoot we had been married roughly 18 months. It was pretty awesome to see my wife in her wedding dress and it was something special to be able to photograph her in her wedding dress. How many wedding photographers can say they have photographed their wife in her dress?

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The Mermaid Bride


Oh how I’ve been planning to share this shoot from Heline Bekker Photography with you for a while! The shoot features tattooed bride bombshell regular Gwenda Jeffs and she’s totally killing it at the coastal mermaid bride!



We love to explore and visit locations with a different look and feel. We’d been planning a beach shoot for a while but typically, we had to wait for the weather to be kind! Our main goal was just to go and explore the location without any plan set in stone, to be free to shoot it how we wanted and just to have fun.


For me it was a day I’ll never forget. I hadn’t visited Kingsgate Bay before, so when I saw it I freaked out a bit like a kid in a candy store! To me the place has a certain feel to it, a mystery – and I love that!

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Phoenix Rising – Violet’s Trash The Dress Story


Today I get to share with you a truly inspirational story from Violet. A woman who has seriously been through enough in her life. I don’t think I could be as strong as Violet has been if it had happened to me. With words and images from Dawn Kelly Photography, I present to you Violet’s Trash The Dress story.


Violet is the strongest women I know, and I’m inspired by her fight for life, and for happiness. 

In 1989 Hawaii, she was walking home, jumped, and taken by five US Marines. They kept her hostage for a few hours that felt like an eternity. Assaulted, beaten, and almost drowned at their hands, she fought for her life and escaped. She thought that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to her, but sadly, she was wrong.


On January 29 2013, her son and his girlfriend were approached by gang members in a park. When he protected his girlfriend, they stabbed him, which ended his life. His girlfriend survived because Tyler stepped between them. That was just one example of his love of people, his kindness, his generosity. This very powerful quote from him will live on forever: “Don’t let
the bad people bring a good person down.”

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A Rustic Junkyard Trash The Dress Shoot – Jeanna [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Good evening! And welcome to this exciting trash the dress shoot that I discovered of Jeanna!
I was lucky to come across Jeanna on the So Tattooed forum (A place for tattooed lovelies, artists and businesses to discuss the wonders of ink) around a month ago and saw sneak peeks of these photos (Seriously.. wait till you see the rest!) taken by photographer Stephanie Rose.

A few emails were exchanged between myself, Stephanie & Jeanna and here we have it.. A gorgeous, rustic, junkyard trash the dress shoot!

I have gotten all of my tattoos in memorial of my best friend who died over 10 years ago. We were always with each other and were known as the JJ girls. So everything I have is just a constant reminder of her and to live each day to the fullest because you never know when it could be cut short. So I have a cross with smaller crosses coming off of it that represents her passing and the last gift I got from her (a cross bracelet), Easter lilies because those were her favorite flowers, a faceless angel with wings of fire because I believe she is my guardian angel and she was always firey :), a Dali inspired piano because we both played and Dali is one of my favorite artists.

A Phoenix because I believe in life after death, a 13 for the day she died, a 14 for the day she was born and a black widow sparrow with a green eye that represents her in death.

The shoot was a blast! We went to this awesome junk yard in Denton, TX that just has acres and acres of old cars and car parts. We both love vintage things, so we just trecked across the junkyard looking for cool things for me to take pictures with.

The shoot idea was actually an idea from my wedding photographer, Stephanie Rose. She had been wanting to do one, so I told her I was totally up for it!

I would TOTALLY recommend doing a trash the dress shoot! It is a fun way to get more use out your wedding dress after all!

A HUGE thank you for Stephanie & Jeanna for allowing to share their photos.. Just wait until you see all of Jeanna’s tattoos!