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Legend Bridal Designs – Bespoke Bridalwear

sidhe_ztphotography_008_WEBZT Photography

Legend Bridal Designs is run by three awesome ladies who I’ve had the greatest time getting to know over the past few years of running Marry Me Ink. They even created a gorgeous gown for the Blog Awards last year and I got the chance to model another of their designs in October here.


We are Legend Bridal Designs – Charlotte, Rachel and Tracy. We are bespoke dressmakers designing and creating from our little studio in Blackburn. We have been described as eccentric and maybe that’s true. We definitely don’t fall into what you would typically expect of bridal shop owners; tattoos, piercings and variable hair colours abound. But that’s exactly why we do what we do… Not everyone has the same vision for their wedding and we GET it.


We are heavily influenced by myth and folklore. Fairytales are a magnificent source of inspiration and several of our collections have been based on particular tales; The Asrai, The Huldra and The Sidhe for instance. (The Sidhe, is the set we share with you today from a collaboration with ZT Photography)


Our styles and influences are constantly evolving through our own personal interests; For me (Charlotte) I’m naturally drawn to darker aesthetics where Rachel is much more colourful in her design. I guess this means we never fall into any one style. We find inspiration everywhere; the books we read, films we watch, the people we come into contact with and our friends all shape what we create and each of us have different tastes and strengths that means we really know where our brides are coming from.

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