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Gothic Winter Wedding Inspiration

Today on Marry Me Ink, we’re heading to Canada – The perfect inspiration for your winter wedding planning. With below-freezing temperatures outside in the snow, the bride wrapped up in a leather jacket whilst being photographed by the fab Jennifer Georgette Photography. I’m in love with crystal tiaras at the moment at this one from Lovespun Creations is gorgeous!!

I first connected with Tracey from Sugar by Tracey a few months back and we decided that we wanted to do a styled wedding that was a bit more dark and moody then the weddings we had been a part of.  We decided on a date in February and from there enlisted the help of Darcie from Something Borrowed Wedding and Event Design and Travis from Calyx Floral Design to come up with the styling concept of the shoot.

We worked with some incredible vendors and the final product looked beyond amazing. The models we had were actually a married couple so it made my job much easier as they were totally in love and it felt almost like a real wedding. The bride Ida had some incredibly stunning tattoos to show off but unfortunately since we live in Canada and it is winter the day of the shoot ended up being a little colder than anticipated so she had to wear her jacket a bit more. But they were such troopers and even did some outside in -20 weather.

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A Leafy, Woodland Wedding – Tori & Ryan

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you the woodland wedding of Tori and Ryan from Luna Photography – One of Marry Me Ink’s favourite East Midland photographers.

We actually met each other in a tattoo shop! I was getting tattooed by our good friend Drew (also one of the best men) and he had been late picking me up from the train station, he said sorry but his friend had called and held him up but he’d pop by the shop later so I could shout at him then! Fast forward an hour and in walks Ryan. I didn’t get chance to tell him off we were so busy chatting away, he even went out a bought me a cup of tea! Our tattooist Drew then slyly asks both of us individually in better words ‘if we like each other?’ And the answer was unanimous! Ryan stayed for the majority of the 8 hour tattoo but eventually had to leave to watch the football (I should have known then Football would be apart of my life!)

I was feeling a little sad on the way home that I didn’t get details on this gorgeous mans number when suddenly a friend request pops up on my phone and it’s him! We get chatting all night and then all day and all night for the next 6 months until I finally moved from Cardiff to Gloucestershire. The first moment I realised I loved Ryan was on valentines day! (we don’t even celebrate it!) but it was our first one together just under 4 months and we were dog sitting for a friend. I had spent all day making him a banoffee pie (his favourite and the only cake I can make!) and my mum was teasing me saying I was only doing it because I loved him! She was so right the look on his face when I had caught two trains to meet him without squishing it will stay with me forever.

Since we moved to the Forest of Dean in 2015 the woods have become our second home. We absolutely love long walks in the quiet with our German Shepherd Frankfurt so this was reflected in the details of the wedding. The wedding party itself was small and intimate. We’re not flashy and we just wanted to spend the day with our close family and friends (36 of us in all!) rather than make a show and dance of everything! We just really enjoy the quiet laugh and wanted everyone to be a part of the day.

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An Magical Outdoor Wedding Picnic – Meagan & Micah


Today is Marry Me Ink’s final post of 2015.. How quick has this year gone? I’m not going to do a year round up post this year – There would be far too much to try and fit in! Instead, I’m going to share with you Meagan and Micah’s inmate, outdoor wedding from Allison Jeffers Photography.


My sister is married to a fire fighter and she had just had a baby. (my niece) I was over at her house seeing the baby and Micah showed up to see my brother in law. He is also a fire fighter. He asked my brother in law about me and the rest is history.


We had a small, intimate wedding, and we both don’t like to make things big and flashy. We did it outdoors with very woodsy colors and we both love being outside. 

Our entire wedding was DIY. I painted, spray painted, glued, and made many trips to Hobby Lobby. I am big on making things myself and crafting is something I enjoy, so the DIY aspect of the wedding was very important to me.


I definitely took my tattoos into consideration when searching for my dress – I love the classic look with tattoos and needed mine to show!

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Love In The Woods – Katie & Mathew


Today I get to share with you Katie (who has the most gorgeous purple locks – I have serious hair envy) and Mathew’s post-wedding portraits from Carla Blain Photography. As a busy mum of four, Katie talks about how lovely it was to take time out and be pampered. They were both pleased to finally have beautiful wedding images that they could treasure forever.


Our story is a bit of a crazy, busy whirlwind. I met Mathew at work 3 years ago when I began working as a staff nurse. We both work within the operating theatres at our local hospital so our eyes actually met over an open abdomen! Our first meeting was him teaching me how to mop up blood properly and him mocking my cleaning skills (which continue to this day!) For me, it was an instant attraction. He was funny, tall, sexy, tattooed and at the time, he had an awesome Mohican hair cut and a large spacer/plug in his ear. I was instantly hooked.


You’d think he would be quite an intimidating figure for the elderly patients coming into theatre, but the older ladies absolutely loved him. And so did I! Unfortunately he was completely oblivious to my attempts at flirting for quite some time. Put it this way, he had plenty of attention from the ladies in the hospital and broke quite a few hearts along the way. Being 5 years older than him, and a mother of two young children already, I never really thought we could have a future together as we had completely different life styles, but I still couldn’t get him out of my mind. I knew I wanted him. Long and messy story short….  He finally saw sense when he almost lost me and we started seeing each other in May 2013.


We went on our first holiday together in the July where we had a lot of fun and drank a LOT of pina colada…. We stayed in an awful apartment but we still had an amazing time and laughed non stop. We grew close very quickly and before we knew it, talks of the future and possible babies were in the air already, but what we didn’t know is that a little person had already been in the making since our pina colada filled holiday! Once we found out I was pregnant, we decided to fast forward our plans and  just get married.

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