E&W Couture – Beach Hut Brides


I have always love the sweet, ethereal style of E&W Couture (Which until recently I didn’t realise stood for  “Ears & Whiskers Couture” – Hence the rabbit ears on their logo!), so when Carly Turner Photography sent me this beach hut shoot, I just had to say yes to featuring it! Carly sent me little email with all the details about the shoot..


I’m a wedding photographer and love shooting weddings, but I also love all the girly bits – especially the dresses! I photographed a wedding in the Spring and my bride had this really simple, unique two piece outfit (long skirt and seperate strapless crop top). The bride had told me that it had been made by E&W Couture and that I should check out the website as they had some really gorgeous stuff. 


I got in contact with E&W Couture and ended up arranging to use their dresses on some styled bridal work. I chose dresses that I thought would suit the models best. 


I wanted to use some models you don’t normally see in bridal fashion and chose three girls for this first session. Alison AKA “Miss Bones” who also did the makeup, Sarah Esprit and Jorden Bowen.


I had a few locations in mind but we decided to use the colourful beach huts in Barry and the beach – Unfortunately it was cut short due to the weather, but we still had tonnes of fun!


Dresses: E & W Couture
Makeup: Miss Bones
Photography: Carly Turner Photography
Models: Jorden Daisy, Sarah Esprit, Alison Ward

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  1. I love the color and crispness of your reception images. Excellent work!