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I Paint Flowers – Sand Dune Bridal Inspiration

Today on Marry Me Ink, we’re escaping this blustery weather and diving into the sand dunes with this floral inspiration including a gorgeous dress from Oh My Honey and photography from Marie Marry Me and Mira Al Pajarito.

The idea of this shoot was born a few months ago. In May we were working in London, and we met Oh My Honey, a vintage bridal brand based there. All the designs are absolutely feminine, with this special vintage touch… It was love at first sight! We had to work with Louise! This summer we contacted Felip Ariza to ask him to do an illustration (love his art!), we started planning this shooting. He sent us an illustration of two Mexican skulls (many thanks again Felip, they are lovely!). We took this picture as a departure to plan something. Our very first idea was a Mexican wedding inspiration shoot, but we realized that maybe it would be better to play only with the couple, in a private lovers shoot. We were also working in a fall inspiration shooting, based in a Charles Baudelaire’s poem: Autumn Song. Martin and I preferred to simplify things to keep working with both ideas.

We wrote Louise to let her know about the idea, and she was so excited too! She helped us to create the looks, in collaboration with L-O-M Fashion and Oh My Honey, a fashion brand with beautiful colourful designs, and some weeks after we received a parcel with a collection of gowns, silk scarfs, skirts, petticoats… When I opened the box, it felt like Christmas morning!

With Gaëlle, from Carnet de Noces, we planned a simple couple shooting in the dune of Pilat, the highest dune of Europe. Can you imagine the views? Just awesome… We told the story to Julie, a jewellery designer. She easily got the concept and sent us some look-books with designs from l’Atelier des Dames. We love her idea about to mix different beaded bracelets, to create a wristband!

Marie was wearing a red flower crown that Esther of Prairie Sauvage made for the shoot. She made also a boutonnière in the same palette for Romain. They were both simply lovely! Julia Marty, the artist behind the brushes, highlighted her cheeks and painted her lips in red. She tied Marie’s hair in a low bun, to crown her head with red flowers. She was gorgeous… We wanted red floral accessories, something less formal than a bouquet. And Esther helped us to choose the perfect match for the couple.

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E&W Couture – Beach Hut Brides


I have always love the sweet, ethereal style of E&W Couture (Which until recently I didn’t realise stood for  “Ears & Whiskers Couture” – Hence the rabbit ears on their logo!), so when Carly Turner Photography sent me this beach hut shoot, I just had to say yes to featuring it! Carly sent me little email with all the details about the shoot..


I’m a wedding photographer and love shooting weddings, but I also love all the girly bits – especially the dresses! I photographed a wedding in the Spring and my bride had this really simple, unique two piece outfit (long skirt and seperate strapless crop top). The bride had told me that it had been made by E&W Couture and that I should check out the website as they had some really gorgeous stuff. 


I got in contact with E&W Couture and ended up arranging to use their dresses on some styled bridal work. I chose dresses that I thought would suit the models best. 

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A Beach & Brewery Wedding In Western Australia – CJ & Grant


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride CJ and husband Grant’s Western Australia beach wedding from Kate and Luke of Photogerson Photography.


Grant and I have known each other since we were really little. When we were really young both of our families were living in Botswana and really good friends. While they socialised around the pool we used to play in the mud and stuff. When I was 10ish my family moved to Canada and a year or 2 after, Grants family moved to Australia. We lost touch until one day I was bored and added a bunch of people on Facebook that I knew from Botswana and he didn’t remember who I was so he sent me a message. We got to chatting and I was going traveling to Australia so I figured I would go and see him. He picked me up from the airport, we saw each other and just knew.


“7 years later and every day is even more amazing than the one before”


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A Pastel Themed Wedding At Daytona Beach – Amanda & Alex

View More: http://theportos.pass.us/alexamandawedding

I love a coastal beach wedding and tattooed bride Amanda and husband Alex’s is no exception. From Tampa wedding photographer We Are The Portos comes their gorgeous day, filled with family and friends. I had the chance to speak to Phil of We Are The Portos about Amanda and Alex’s day..

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I, Phil, have known Alex for years through the hardcore music scene. In a scene full of guys with chips on their shoulders or just sketchy, Alex has always been one of the most sincere dudes I know. He is a stand up guy and when I started to see from a far his love for Amanda, I couldn’t help being excited for him. Speaking to Amanda over text and phone calls from the time we got hired to the day of the wedding, proved that Alex found the perfect bride for himself.

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The atmosphere of the day was great. Alex was nervous as he was getting ready, but in a middle school boy asking a girl to the dance kind of nervous. Amanda and her girls were having a great time at the hotel listening to early 2000’s rap and popping bottles.

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The family and friends truly made it a really fun atmosphere. Everyone was easy to get a long with and when one bottle is being passed around for everyone to drink, you know they are enjoying themselves. 

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Our advice to all our couples is make the day about you guys. Details, decorations, dresses, etc… are all great, but the most important thing is to remember who you get to marry. Just enjoy the day above all things. Celebrate with friends and family but do not alter your day to please others. It is about the bride and groom, everyone else should be honored to be invited to be part of something so amazing. 

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