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The Tattooed Wedding Of Bunny And Bear – Danyell & Paul

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Danyell and Paul’s wedding that took place in Gretna Green at Water Gardens Wedding Venue earlier this year. You may remember their woodland engagement shoot last month and Daz Mack Photography was there to capture their day and it awesome – They had their pug Viggo there on the day too.

My tattoos did take a big part into my consideration when choosing a dress as I’m a plus size.  I wanted my back piece on show which Paul was doing for me as part of a wedding present (he’s an amazing tattoo artist @Watsonsith), so I wanted an open back and a tulle skirt, which I found. I went for ivory as I wanted the whole romantic look – everyone thought I’d wear a colour which I was tempted to do dark grey but my sister helped sway me to the ivory which I’m thankful for.

We have a few couples’ tattoos and will no doubt get more in the future as we’re  in the industry it’s a no brainier that we’ll get more, be it for more pets or kids  – just our growing family and love for each other.

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Fun Facts From Simply Bridal – Pets At Weddings

Today I get to share a fab piece from Simply Bridal of something I love seeing in wedding photos when I get them through – your pets! Simply Bridal have supplied me with a fab eight point guide on how to plan your wedding with your pets involvement (I don’t mean getting them to help you DIY your wedding invites!)

Pets at Weddings

My favourites are numbers TWO, FIVE and SEVEN! Will your pet have a specific role in your wedding day – such as a ring bearer?

477bb7019eefc2b26b01d82cb588c876Rhianna & Mark’s Sunny Tasmanian Wedding Copyright Lakshal Perera

How about including your pets in your gorgeous couple shots?

1aa35d88c9cab7da5fc7d4ea77228801A Rock & Roll Wedding – Corrinne, Duncan & Dexter Copyright Assassynation

Or how about getting some essential and cute accessories for your pets to wear on your wedding day?

942efbe1cbda84110c20b5ebb083aa47A Thrift & Homespun Wedding Jess & Leon Copyright Christine Lim

Unfortunately I don’t think Alfred my African Pygmy Hedgehog would like to wear a flower crown! I’d love to know how you’re having your pets involved!